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You can get a sample to make sure you love the Products before you buy them for the rest of your organization. Order 1 and we will send you one with the design of our choice for you to test out. 

Show your Spirit Today! Our Face Masks are all Manufactured and Printed in the USA and comes with a disposable Filter. The mask is constructed of double ply Elastic Polyester. The 3-layer disposable filter pad gives you the extra protection not associated with a cloth reusable mask. 

Make sure you are not left sitting outside the fence, but rather show your Spirit out by purchasing your Spirit Masks today!

Spirit Masks FAQ

Are These Reusable Mask?

Yes, these polyester mask can be used over and over with regular cleaning.

Are these custom masks machine washable?

Yes, it is suggested to use the gentle cycle when possible.

How long does it take to get a custom face mask?

Our orders will ship within 4 business days of your order.

What is Anti-Bacterial Fabric?

The fabric is treated to deter Bacteria that might occur with use.

Are these medical grade masks?

As with most cloth masks, these are not medical grade masks. These mask do offer a certain level of protection as indicated by the CDC.


Recommended Care

Machine Washable: Yes

Washing Machine Recommended Setting: For longevity we recomend that you wash your Spirit Masks on gentle setting if able to. If not able to, regular wash will be okay.

Drying Setting: Hang Dry